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SARTA is a Palermo based brand, founded in 2017. The company ethos is to re-interpret the handcrafted Italian tradition in a modern and detailed way. This concept informs the development of each of our products, aiming to create a unique identity. The primary materials used are Vienna straw and vegetable tanned leather. Designed to be timeless, each collection responds to the practicality of modern life. SARTA crafts sophisticated and unconventional urban details, creating an enduring yet contemporary look.

Our Values

-Timeless minimal aesthetics

-Handmade and sourced fully in Italy

-Small productions

-Details make the difference

Behind SARTA

Behind SARTA is Giorgia Gaeta, an Italian designer and SARTA’s founder. She has lived between Palermo and Milan, where she worked as architect and stylist. She has a distinctive ability to combine her intellectual curiosity and cultural interests with the research of new ideas through an unconventional approach. From this natural inclination was born SARTA, detaching itself from the limiting expectations of fashion to present a product with a unique, sophisticated yet nonchalant identity that mirrors her way of thinking and understanding everyday elegance. She believes in beauty.

Locally made

SARTA handbags are designed in Palermo and handmade in two local family-run workshop. This local production support the Italian skills and maximizes the use of resources. Specifically, our suppliers are all Italian, among the many and small reali- ties present in Italy, a guarantee of great artisan quality and minimal environmental impact for transport and shipping. For us, localism is an antidote to unsustainability. The slow culture vocabulary of small-scale production, traditional craft techniques, local materials and market provides a foundation for the development of powerful relationships between fashion creators and collaborators.